Music, Film & Art for Kids

Product Description:

This book is comfortable for ages 7+.

Contains: 20 pages

Cost: $9.99 

Don't have time to make it to Kids Guitar I? You can always download the book we use during class and follow along at your own pace. With this option you'll have the opportunity to test out of Kids Guitar I after you've completed the entire book and can play each chord/song comfortably on your own. Send over an email after you've completed the book to ablake@kairossound.com to schedule a meetup to check all your wonderful progress! 

Kids Guitar I:

  • Parts of the guitar, proper way to hold guitar and pick, how to read tab, how to read chord diagrams, string names and numbers, an intro to basic music theory, etc.
  • Songs include: Smoke On The Water, Peter Gunn Theme, Hot Cross Buns, Row Row Row Your Boat, London Bridge, Skip to my Lou, Mary Had a Little Lamb, & Yankee Doodle.
  • Chords include: Easy C - Easy G7 - Easy G - D7