Music, Film & Art for Kids



A great way for your child to experiment with music and discover sound through household items. They'll get a chance to explore different sounds in simple objects around the house and create their own music. We will occasionally make our own instruments to bring home! We'll learn simple rhythms through activities such as drum painting, clapping, and rhythm sticks. If your child dances to the radio, loves hands-on activities, and spends time banging on pots and pans then this is the class for them!

AGES 7-16 | COST: $50/MONTH | TIME: TUESDAYS 6:15-7:15PM | SESSION: APR 3-APR 24.  

Each student will get the opportunity to work with DSLR cameras and shoot collaborative short films with their classmates. They'll gain knowledge in scriptwriting, storyboarding, proper lighting, sound operation, and editing. This is a great way for kids to show their creativity through visual storytelling. New projects every month!   

**All equipment needed will be provided to use during class.

Kids Guitar II

Cans and Pans

Music Production

4-4:45PM | SESSION: MAR 7-APR 4. (5-WEEKS)

Is your child showing an interest in music but not quite ready for more complex instruments yet? The ukulele is a great way to introduce them! They'll be strumming away to nursery rhymes, and singing along in no time. Join our group class where they can meet other little strummers just like them! No experience necessary.

If you're looking for a ukulele for your child, check out our gear recommendations page, where we've got some of our favorites!

**We have Ukuleles and Guitars available to use during class, so don't worry if your child doesn't have one!

Kids Guitar I

AGES 13-16 | COST: $99 | TIME: WEDNESDAYS 6-6:50PM | SESSION: JAN 17-FEB 21. (6-WEEKS)

Never picked up a guitar before? Not a problem! We're going to dive right into chords and learn how to read music to get you playing songs right away. You'll learn to tune your guitar, read tab music & chords charts, play full chords, and work on different strumming patterns. No experience necessary.

**All equipment needed will be provided to use during class.  

Film Kids


AGES 8-12 | COST: $99 | TIME: TUESDAYS 5-5:50PM | SESSION: APR 24-MAY 29. (6 WEEKS)​​

This class requires no previous experience with guitars. It's a fun and cost effective way for your child to learn the basics of guitar. They will get to work creatively alongside their classmates and build lasting friendships along the way. We'll cover all the basics, including: Tuning, How to read tablature, how to read chord charts, 4 easy form chords (C, G7, G, D7), some basic strumming patterns, and much more! Each child will get to write their own song and perform it on the last day of class, and you're invited to join the party! 

If you're looking for a guitar for your child, check out our gear recommendations page, where we've got some of our favorites!

Ukulele Jam

Teen Guitar I

AGES 9-16 | COST: $45/MONTH | TIME: TBD | SESSION: Coming 2018 

Is your child interested in producing their own music? We'll teach them how to build songs from the ground up using midi keyboards and iPads. They'll get to work with professional equipment as well and learn all the basic recording techniques they'll need to craft their own beats and songs. We'll work in both Garageband and Logic Pro X. Each child will have the opportunity to collaborate with other producers in the classroom. 

**All equipment needed will be provided to use during class.  

AGES 8-12 | COST: $99 | TIME: WEDNESDAYS 5-5:50PM | SESSION: MAR 7-APR 11. (6-WEEKS)

If your child has completed Kids Guitar I, then they're ready for the next level. In this class we'll encourage full versions of chords, and more advanced strumming patterns. We'll focus on finding a steady strumming pattern in 4/4 time, then move onto 2/4 and 3/4 time. We can't forget scales! This term we will be spending some quality time on scales and learning lots of new rock riffs! 

Recommended Materials: Tuner (Snark SN-5) and Capo (Kyser 6-String)